Sunday, 10 May 2015

#BaseballTechNews: 5 Entertaining Uses of MLB's New Statcast Tracking Technology

But now, thanks to Major League Baseball Advanced Media's new Statcasttechnology, fans might also recall the speed and angle at which the ball ...

#SportTechApparelNews: Apple Watch is actually an accurate heart rate monitor

Recently, FitBit has announced a new band that can measure heart rate. AppleWatch's predominate sensor is a heart rate monitor on the backside.

#MotorSportTechNews: NASCAR embraces new pit-road technology

It's pretty cool. It's unique and it shows our sport's advancing with technology. It makes pit road that much more important every time you come down.”.

#AmericanFootballTechnologyNews: Summer Research Program Focuses on Concussion Prevention for Athletes

“We know high school students are interested in sports, so we hope that our research using state-of-the-art technology with UM athletes will be a way ...

#SportTechApparelNews: Oakley's new Jawbreaker Sunglasses

The Jawbreaker features Oakley's new Prizm lens technology which ... Triathleteswill love how this technology works on the road, particularly in terms ...