Sunday, 7 February 2016

#AmericanFootballTechNews: Can This New Football Helmet Prevent Head Injuries?

Vicis, a Seattle-based company, is trying to reinvent the football helmet. .... What kind of technological and cultural changes do you see happening?

#AmericanFootballTechNews: The Daily Dot How one veteran NFL receiver embraced technology to break franchise records

The embrace of the technology-centric Enerskin by Saints former and ... Football is generally considered to be a fairly primitive sport, and that's an ...

#AmericanFootballTechNews: International Business Times UK Super Bowl 2016: Inside the Levi's Stadium, the world's most hi-tech sports venue

The Super Bowl 50 game between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos on 7 February will be played in the most technologically advanced ...

#AmericanFootballTechNews: JJ Watt Shares His Take On Technology's Evolution In Sports During His Career

 Every Super Bowl brings a buzz to the city that hosts it. But this year the Silicon Valley technology atmosphere around the Bay  

#SportTechNews: CNN 5 sports tech ideas for coaches and athletes

As athletes strive to set new records and engineers invent new technology, their worlds are intersecting more and more.

#AmericanFootballTechNews: Will Rosemont firm's helmets reduce football concussions?

As head injuries in football continue to create major concern from youth leagues to the NFL, the helmets and technology are seen as more important ...

#GolfTechNews: A Robot Golfer Just Nailed a Hole-in-One in Historic First

Eldrick, the amazing robotic golfer, just nailed a spectacular hole-in-one ... 20 years as a leading tester ofgolf gear using state-of-the-art technology.